UPDATED 24/04/2021 8:10 AM

Affinity Store

British firm Serif has been in the media-creation-software space for over a decade. Its Affinity line, which started with Mac-only apps in 2015, even garnered an Apple Mac App of the Year award that year. The Affinity apps are also available for Windows, and the company is attempting to make inroads on Adobe’s firm grip on the media and design software industry. Serif’s low, non-subscription pricing is no doubt a factor for some users.

Do to the pandemic, Serif has given away over 1.5 million free 90-day downloads ot the Affinity apps. This was due to a campaign to support the creative community which was heavily affected by the pandemic.

They first started stehre campaigne during 2020 and then they renewed it in January 2021. In addition to allowing anyone to use the Mac and Windows versions of Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher free for 90 days, Serif also offered 50% discount fpr users who wanted to buy the apps. 

With the pandemic came also the newest update for all three apps. With Affinity 1.9 Serif continues to set new standards for creative software. Which brings new modifications and ways to make the best out of your Projects. Faster import and easily integration from text an dimage links, are only two examples for the new update.


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