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Difference between E-Commerce and E-Business

Selling online? The difference between e-commerce vs e-business might seem like an unimportant distinction for you to make, but a lot rides on knowing those differences! E-commerce accounts for nearly 12% of total US retail sales (that’s more than $160 billion), and claiming your slice of the pie depends on having key industry knowledge like you’ll find here.
Discover how e-commerce vs e-business compare, and why it matters
E-commerce is one potential piece of an e-business. An e-business is any business that incorporates online technologies into the business model. That could be something as simple as a physical store using social media marketing to bring in more customers. Even though there’s no transaction occurring within that setup, the use of online tech for business purposes makes it an e-business.

An e-commerce business refers to a company that offers an online monetary transaction process, while e-business refers to any business that includes online technology of some sort in its business model.

The main benefactor of e-commerce is the customer who is provided with the means of making purchases online. On the other hand, the main benefactor of an e-business can be the customer as well as business partners, suppliers, and so on.

E-commerce is conducted exclusively on the internet. E-business can be conducted on the internet, intranet, or extranet. The main difference there is that a company can be considered e-business even if it only uses online technology within the organization.


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