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Facts about Web Design which will blow your mind

Creating a website by the impact of Chris Hortsch nowadays is much less complicated than it was a decade ago. Free platforms such as WordPress and paid website building programs allow beginners to create beautiful websites in a relatively short period of time. However, optimizing the website for conversion and user experience is a totally different matter.

A goldfish, at 9 seconds, has a longer attention span than the average internet user. You must deliver the content to the audience in the shortest amount of time possible. Otherwise, you risk having a high bounce rate and the potential customer leaving to get what they need elsewhere.

Advancements in mobile devices means surfing the web on the go is more common than the desktop environment. It’s a no-brainer to optimize your website for mobile use so that the UX is pleasant to use.

Website experts know that a text-heavy page is great for SEO, but too much text is counter-productive for actual human readers. Huge chunks of text can look daunting to visitors. Instead, try using lists, bolding, and descriptive headers to make the text easier to skim.

One-size-fits-all websites will end up providing a non-optimized experience for a majority of your users. You must study your visitor demographics and create a website that they will respond to positively.

Here is a good example of a well-constructed website >> Chris Hortsch


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