UPDATED 24/04/2021 8:10 AM

Dancing Robots from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics’ mission is to imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives. For over almost three decades now, Boston Dynamics builds dynamically stable, legged machines. They invented techniques to make the robots work that you can´t find in any textbook or technical article. Beside the outstanding design, the robots are able to conquer terrains inaccessible to others.

In January 2021, Boston Dynamics posted a video of Atlas, Spot, and Handle dancing to “Do You Love Me.” According to the video discription, was this a was “to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year.” The video know has been viewed nearly over 32 million times. 

What makes this video so unique? This video came through a collaboration with choreographer Monica Thomas.

It was allready known, that Atlas can do some practical tasks, and he also has some gymnastics skills. He also is well known for beeing good in parkour, but dancing is something new. Also seen in the video, is that Spot is kinda dancing to. A group of Spot robots, which most people see as a robot dog, also used be performing last year, as a cheerleader group at a baseball match.


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