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E-Business with the example of Amazon

By definition an electronic business is an audit, just like many of the terms created the late 1980s and early 1990s as the internet started becoming part of everyday live. First for researchers then for many businesses and then for consumers just like email the abbreviation meaning.

Electronic was already used to describe how the internet was changing our lives at first but generally referred to as interfaced with their consumers almost exclusively for that to serve a broad market was was very different than the today even if you could compare their homepage in 1994 to their current home page you’d be shocked at how much technology has changed.

Also noticed that in 1984 was a specialty bookstore. Today they also sells nearly every other product you can think of clothes, electronics, toys, household goods, music, movies and even food Amazon.

Amazon dash is a service available in many large US cities, where you can order fresh vegetables, fruit and other food on Amazon and it is delivered the same day.

Also includes the Amazon Marketplace which is where a 3rd party vendors can sell on Amazon much like eBay but Amazon Marketplace does it use bidding as the E part of e-business has changed Amazon is a great example of a company that is changed with it.

In other countries such as Germany, Amazon Food offers are less or not at all available. Here, other delivery services are used in the respective regions. Whereas Amazon germany is generally used a lot.

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