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E-Commerce Operations

Ecommerce is a business model that takes advantage of the internet to buy and sell goods and services using a number of technology platforms. There are a variety of e commerce examples – the B2C online marketplace where multiple third parties sell goods (Amazon), peer-to-peer stores like Etsy, and B2B wholesale markets like Alibaba.

There are even consumer to business (C2B) types of e commerce where individuals sell freelance services to businesses. These include freelance graphic designers and website content writing services. In 2019 DTC or direct-to-consumer ecommerce businesses dominated headlines with sales figures and high-profile investments.

A successful operations strategy for an ecommerce business must account for a robust IT infrastructure that can handle the e commerce operation process of taking and fulfilling online orders, has established efficient domestic and global shipping, along with sufficient inventory to keep customers happy and to fuel new business.

It all starts with e commerce operations management built on a number of fundamental strengths including store presentation, order-taking, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

For example, consider the operation strategy of Amazon. The company is laser-focused on customer service and supply chain management. The way Amazon’s website takes orders smoothly and gets them shipped quickly is an excellent operation strategy example.


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