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Graphic design and web design

Web design and graphic design involve designing for visual communication, but here are somethings that set them apart. Here are some differents between graphic desing and web design.

Graphic design has its origins in print. Whether it’s a magazine layout or a children’s book, printed materials tend to be less interactive than their digital counterparts. But they still depend on an artistic assembly of images, text, and other graphics to tell a story or communicate a message. There needs to be flow and logic to navigating printed material.

Web design shares these same roots as a largely visual design discipline, but the focus on the web is how artistry can create experiences people can interact with — participate in — rather than simply consume. A web designer may work with a graphic designer for visual elements like illustrations and iconography, but a web designer will then fit all these pieces together to create a complete interactive design — something usable.

Web designers are about ideas and aesthetics, but they’re also all about optimization. The images, motion graphics, animations, and other graphic elements should look good and be small enough to load quickly on all devices. Long load times result in a bad user experience and high bounce rates.

Graphic designers can use pretty much any font without worrying too much about how it’ll display in the final deliverable — as long as the printer’s worth the name. Web designers, however, need to consider how text will display on different screens and in different browsers.

Graphic designers work within concrete specifications — they create a square peg that fits one square hole. Good web designers must work toward creating a peg that fits every hole, regardless of size or shape, without cramming or breaking the design.

Web designers need to consider scale. Typography, images, and other visual elements get scaled up or down with screen size. The goal is for all these elements to be readable and make for a good user experience on any device.

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