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How Innovision works

High motivation and forward thinking are the means to advance progress. The constant development of the company and the associated measures serve to ensure that the company is in a constant state of growth and thus to place itself in the market. Because even as a small fish you can prevail against big sharks.

In order to grow as a company, structures are of the highest priority. Starting with the management and ending with the employees. Once the engine is running and constantly maintained, work steps and work processes become more efficient and reliable. So that in the end the customers are not only reliably looked after, but are also satisfied and turn to the company again for their next request.
Founded as a planning company for buildings and environmental technology, InnoVision Berlin has developed continuously over the past decades.
Its corporate history has developed from one company to a group of companies with four subsidiaries. What all started as a friendship developed into a team promise.

Over the years, in addition to introducing the BIM methodology, they have also digitally structured their own data in order to be able to use the planning process, information and data more quickly and efficiently. In order to put an end to this as well, they developed their in-house software in 2015.

Since 2020, InnoVision, from decades of development, now operates as a company with four subsidiaries that give the company new visions.

For more information about the company, click here>> InnoVision


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