UPDATED 06/01/2021 8:10 AM

From one Business to the next

Business-to-business marketing or B2B marketing describes marketing relationships between companies or organizations. Here, the focus is on marketing related to products or services sold from one company to another.

While individual consumers are often stimulated by emotionality, popularity and a large-scale advertising campaign, companies or organizations tend to make decisions based on rational and price-related criteria. Thus, B2B marketing must adapt to these specific conditions.

A smaller target audience often requires personal contacts in this form of marketing (and thus also holds the chance to ensure long-term cooperation). Also, the products and services that are transferred between companies or organizations often require more detailed explanation, as they often have industry-specific or very specific peculiarities. Therefore, forms of online marketing lend themselves here to explicitly inform and stimulate potential customers.

While a well-positioned website is of utmost relevance, e-mail marketing also provides the opportunity to keep products and services present in lengthy decision-making processes. Nowadays, business-to-business communication also increasingly takes place via social media.

B2B marketing can also be used effectively here. In this context, content marketing should also be mentioned, which – whether with video content or blogs – is one of the forms that are of great importance in B2B marketing. An assessment of customer needs and the price expectations of the same is absolutely necessary in B2B marketing, as it represents a financially immense field in the field of marketing. 

Marketers in B2B should therefore be experts not only in marketing, but also in the specific field of the advertised products or services.


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